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Sadly most of them turn out to be one night stands or situations where the guy ends up being married or has a gf.

Now I can't tell if my issues with dating are that I get rejected as being trans, or that maybe I reject myself first thinking the guy won't ever like a girl with a penis?

Now when you're preop, you can get away with being 5/10 because you have that uniqueness that is not as common in cis women.

Yes to a lot of men, they want you for the sexual novelty but the same amount or maybe more wants you for being unique and interesting something that a marriage or LTR would need to survive.

I haven't had a problem with being non op when it comes to dating and the men I've dated have never had a problem with my identity going public.

In fact, they're willing to tell their friends and family about it while I'm not.

I've always been really indifferent about SRS, but if I fell in love with a guy and I knew I wanted to spend my life with him and I knew he also would prefer me to have SRS I think I'd do it. Okay, so most of this is coming from my non-op girlfriend and her secondhand knowledge from a post-op friend of hers. : P) She describes the process of finding a good cis guy who wasn't just into her because she has a functional penis and enjoys using it "like snorkeling through diarrhea to find fool's gold".

Needless to say, me telling them my distaste in marriage, and then being young and wanted to have more fun soured those relationships. It's nice to know that they're are guys out there interested in LTRs with pre/non-op women. I'm better than any ol' fusty cis dude anyway.I don't want to tell people I have a penis anymore, I just feel like it's such a let down.I don't feel like it does anything for me but provide stress and anxiety It's hard for me to compare pre-op and post-op.Am married to a guy, and have a very active sex life outside of that marriage (with his consent).I feel compelled to reinforce you in that your choice of surgery should be something you want to do for you, not because you hope it will make you more acceptable to others.

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