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He is uber rich, good looking and famous and there is one thing synonymous with such men – multiple women and Seam Combs has had his fair share of girlfriends over the years.

Though in recent years, Cassie Ventura is the one woman who comes to mind anytime the topic of Seam Comb’s romantic life is mentioned, the hip-hop mogul has had many other women in his life.

P Diddy has got a fortune estimated at over 0 million and speculations are that he could become one of the first hip-hop billionaires.

True, Diddy became a phenom as a result of his musical endeavors but instead of withering away like the rest when he stopped making music, Combs showed the world that he’s got quite the business acumen.

Three of these women have made Combs a father of 6, including an adopted son.

The first woman the media knew Sean Combs for was Misa Hylton-Brim a designer who was his high school sweetheart. Justin Combs schooled at UCLA and played in the varsity football team.

It was given to him by peers due to the anger issues he had.

He added; “If I’m thinking about another man, I’m thinking about uplifting,” thus clarifying his sexuality.

Combs and Porter were in a longterm relationship that lasted for about 13 years from 1994 to 2007, albeit off-and-on.

Before they had begun dating, Kim had a son named Quincy who was born in 1991 with her former flame, a 3-time Grammy nominated artist Al B. Sean would come to adopt Quincy after getting serious with Kim.

Only time would tell if she would become the first official Mrs. He did reveal in January 2018 that he wants more kids with Cassie. Though it appears that Cassie now has Combs’ heart, the rapper remains on good terms with the mother of his kids.

In an exclusive interview with People in June 2017, Combs referred to the mother of his kids as his best friends and we are in no doubt.

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