Purolator tracking not updating

The agent was unable to do anything until the package is 'sorted', and she has no idea when that will happen.

I don't blame the CS reps as they are good employees hired by bad companies to do exactly that. Purolator delivery person will use any excuse to have the package delivered by somebody else. I never get a notification when there is something wrong .

My Sport Chek order from July 7th has been sitting at the Toronto Sort Ctr since July 8th. Even if their business has quadrupled, there's no excuse for that!

In Transit Estimated Time of Delivery Not Available Service Purolator Ground Est. Shipment Date Jul 7, 2016 Original Delivery Jul 13, 2016 From Mississauga, ON, CA To Vancouver, BC, CA History Date Local Time City Description Jul 8, 2016 p.m.

There may be several days between scans if the shipment is going cross-country or moving between countries or territories.

Hopefully if you run a business, you will stay away from this company unless you really want to piss off your customers. I have had may packages delivered to my home by various delivery services. Companies that use Purolator include Toysrus, Sportchek and sometimes Amazon.

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How long can the tracking say "On Vehicle For Delivery", yet days go by without the package getting delivered and no update on the tracking. It's been 15 days now since the order has been "shipped". Edit: I just got this via email: Status: Your shipment has been delayed due to a missed delivery and will be delivered on 7/19/2016. Or does this mean they never got around to even attempting delivery?

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