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I take it as seriously as I do my calling to The Word Church. Having started with only one service in a high school in 2000, The Word Church is now a multisite ministry with ten services and three campuses across Northeastern Ohio—Warrensville Heights, Downtown, and Akron, where The Word Church recently acquired a 265,000 square foot venue with three sanctuaries, dozens of classrooms, and an outreach center. Vernon knows the value of mentorship, and founded The Shepherds Connection, an exclusive cadre of some 400 senior pastors around the nation to whom he provides creative leadership, counsel on pastoral matters, and spiritual guidance. Vernon’s 10 Rules of Dating, and his most recent works, Help! How Leaders Can Help Their Pastor Succeed (June 2017), and Dr. He is married to First Lady Victory Vernon and they have five children.I’m committed to supporting, encouraging, and being present for you when you need me. He is the author of four books, The Blessing Behind Closed Doors, Size Does Matter: Moving Your Ministry from Micro to Mega, Dr. We are delighted that you would consider inviting Pastor Vernon to speak at your upcoming event. Vernon, fill out the questionnaire below, and our administrative team will contact you soon. RYTE), Isaiah Templeton and many more anointed singers. Vernon is the founder and senior pastor of “THE WORD” CHURCH. Vernon has a Diploma of Theology, a Master of Arts in Practical Theology, and a Doctorate of Ministry with a concentration in church growth from Ashland Theological Seminary. Vernon's new Praise and Worship CD entitled "We're Amazed" Live Worship At "The Word" Vol 2. Jackson features artists such as Marcus Cole, Tonya Baker, Timothy Reddick, Brittney Wright (B.

Bishop Joey covered me, gave me wise counsel, and spoke life over me—as he still does to this day.

The CD is set to be released Tuesday, April 16, 2013. He is resolutely committed to unconditional outreach, and leads the culturally diverse congregation of “THE WORD” CHURCH with integrity and excellence. Vernon founded “THE WORD” CHURCH on love, God’s Word, and a passion for humanity. She has her undergraduate degree in Social Work from Capital University and a Master’s degree in Practical Theology from Ashland Theological Seminary.

It continues to operate with this same spirit of purpose over a decade later. Lady Vernon is the Director of Women’s Ministry at “THE WORD” Church and they have five wonderful children.

It was his advice during that difficult time that ultimately led me to start The Word Church.

I am convinced that part of the reason God divinely orchestrated Bishop Joey’s intervention and allowed me to have that experience was to show me the importance of both covering and submission.

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Vernon has enjoyed a prolific, storied career in pastoring, but consciously chooses to never stop growing personally or vocationally. Vernon knows the importance of mentorship and founded The Shepherds Connection, a group of about 300 senior pastors around the nation he provides creative leadership, guidance, and spiritual direction to.

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