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Jay Glazer, a senior writer for Foxsports.com, partnered with the UFC's Randy Couture to form MMAthletics based in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Xtreme Couture Training Center.

At the age of 19, her photo was seen on a boxing website by the UFC, and she was hired as an Octagon Girl.

Leah has appeared on and hosted numerous television shows all on Spike such as Spike's Sexiest NYC Bartenders, Spike TV's Women of Action, Casino Cinema, Inside the UFC, and The Ultimate Fighter.

Leah has also been featured on the covers of numerous magazines, some of which include Maxim, Men's Fitness, 944 Magazine, Playboy, Steppin' Out, Muscle & Fitness, AXL, Vegas Magazine, and Stuff.

Because of these sexy magazines, and the countless others that followed in their footsteps, a few generations of people grew up and had their sexual education greatly informed by naked flesh on the page.

Nowadays, many sexy magazines have given way to digital versions on the Internet, but there are still some devoted to printed pleasure.

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