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I hope you respect WMAF even if you think it's a racist relationship. Racist is the idea of separating the races into a hierarchy, where some races are more desirable than others, regardless if the context is romance or not. Yes especially when you put it that way, it's incredibly racist.After accusations of pervasive racism on its platform, Grindr launched an initiative called , which includes a zero-tolerance harassment policy, to eliminate hateful and discriminatory language.But what about race-specific dating apps like Black People Meet?Racism is concerned with hating other races for just existing. That means disdain and possibly followed by verbal insults.I would like you see that racial preference is just like height preference.However, this casual framing of racism ignores the greater impact it has on the lives and self-esteem of racial minorities who are already portrayed as being less desirable in mainstream media and society at large.

I'd also argue that the more superficial the reason for the attraction the less racist it is. If you tend to like people with dark straight hair and dark eyes that's not racist, even though it will push you in the direction of a race.

User data found that most men rated black women as less attractive than women of other races.

Likewise, Asian men were ranked as the least attractive group by most women.

But if you are attracted to what you consider to be cultural norms, then you are stereotyping.

The influx of mobile dating apps with the “swipe” functionality has made the process of selecting potential romantic partners a lot more shallow.

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To understand this phenomenon, we first have to define it.

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