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The absurdities underlying homeopathic medicine are well documented.Given that homeopathic remedies are typically diluted to the point that not even a single molecule of the active ingredient remains in solution, there is no plausible mode of action.While the overall method of Radiometric Dating is the same through each type, the specific isotopes that are used changes.With these changes in materials, different types of dating apply to different situations.Therefore, the amount of radioactive carbon in the system will only decrease and form Nitrogen.

Potassium-Argon (K/Ar) dating is a method that applies directly the dating of rocks.

By far, the most well-known type of radiometric dating is method using the radioactive isotope of carbon, carbon-14.

Every living organism on the planet contains the element carbon.

When a life form is alive and undergoing some sort of respiration, it will be gaining C-14 at a relatively high rate (it will equilibrate with the C-14 in the atmosphere) and losing it to decay at a different rate.

However, when the life form dies and is buried or otherwise stops interacting with atmospheric gases there will be no further increase in the amount of radioactive carbon in the system.

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