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These are the same conditions as for population growth (which assumes that everyone has the same chance for having babies no matter what particular time period we choose) except that here the population is decreasing rather than increasing with time.

The description of why atoms decay is quite complicated, involving quantum mechanics and nuclear physics.

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The amazing thing is that we can accurately mimic, in a quantitative way, what happens during radioactive decay with just a few pennies. Well, start by noting that when you toss a single coin, the chance that it will land tails up is about 50%, the same as the chance that it will land heads up. If you toss a bunch of pennies into the air, the chance that any particular one of them will be tails up is still 50%.

If a particular penny lands heads up on the first toss, the chance that it will land tails up on the second toss is still 50%.

Any pennies that land tails up are assumed to have "radioactively decayed" on this toss.

Stack the tails-up pennies into a column on the far side of the table.

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