Radiocarbon dating bone collagen

Soil Because soil is not a 'closed' system, it is not a good choice for radiocarbon dating, unless it is for the purpose of carbon storage and turnaround studies.

In other words due to bacterial action and water movement, different carbon compounds may be leached from the soil leaving behind more resistant, older carbon while more recent carbon may be absorbed.

Generally monospecific planktonic samples are selected for this purpose.

Minimum and optimum weights are given in the table below.1988 and using the ultrafilter cleaning method of Bronk Ramsey et al. A collagen yield of less than ~1% means that the sample was not well preserved and is unacceptable for dating purposes.These samples will not proceed to the final AMS stages.If macrofossils are not available, bulk peat samples can be analysed.Please remove any roots from bulk samples before sending them.

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