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Since then Nadal has racked up so many records it's almost hard to keep count.Long acknowledged as the "King of Clay," he possesses the longest single-surface winning streak in the Open era.(His lock on the French Open recently prompted Roger Federer to say, "I don't think the clay has been my problem. If you look at the Rafa of three years ago and Rafa as he is now, there's been a huge evolution in his tennis."Part of Nadal's resolve seems to stem from the rigor of his training.

(Although there was a time when the Spanish newspaper When he was a little boy, his uncle Toni told his now-agent Carlos Costa, "I have a six-year-old nephew who's going to be a very good player." It was six years before Costa finally saw Nadal play."The court wasn't always in great condition—all of that, even playing badly, helps you to develop. Fans have expressed concern that he is risking injury, although he and his team deny this.)Along with the tough training came tough love."In terms of shots, he's not a phenomenon, but he's not completely useless either," Toni Nadal says.You might think this a mere national stereotype, but the 23-year-old Majorcan's dynamic, unorthodox style, his combination of brutal efficiency and unearthly stamina, and the dastardly aim of his forehand have all led his matches to be described, even in Spain, as "duels."He is also, as might befit an old-world swordsman, gracious in victory.When he won the Australian Open final against Roger Federer in February, cementing his prowess on all three Grand Slam surfaces (not to mention his status as the number-one player in the world), he stood by uncomfortably as Federer wept at the microphone.

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It is round one of the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, a tournament sometimes referred to as the fifth Grand Slam.

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