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When he’s not on the air, Gary enjoys being on the golf course or playing a game of pick-up basketball with his neighbors.

His opinions on freedom, capitalism and the willingness of Americans to sacrifice for both are constant themes in his broadcasts.He also hosted the Pure Gold format for ABC Radio Networks.Prior to becoming an on-air talent, Eric served as the creative services director for the DFW market’s KDGE and KZPS. Neither do Eric Harley and Gary Mc Namara, who host Red Eye Radio – a five-hour nightly conversation with America airing Monday – Friday (1 a.m. Whether it’s politics, history, music, or sports – if it’s making headlines, Red Eye Radio is the place to talk about it. Eric and Gary teamed in 2005 to host The Midnight Radio Network and continue to bring their love of American life to loyal audiences across the country.

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