Registry pol not updating

It can also parse a file and produce an editable text file that can be consumed by Apply_LGPO_Delta v2.0.

Administrators frequently apply policies by copying files into the Group Policy folders.

This required extending the input file syntax for Apply_LGPO_Delta and the log file output for Set_FDCC_LGPO, both of which have been bumped to v2.0.

The format of registry policy files is a documented, binary file format, normally produced by Group Policy editors such as Gp

However, there aren’t any good viewers or editors for directly manipulating those files.

If this option is not specified, error information is displayed in a message box dialog. This utility is not a console app, so you won’t see a console window appear, and if you start it from a CMD prompt, it will run in the background – CMD won’t wait for it to complete.

You can check in Task Mgr to see when it completes.

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