Rejection in dating

The good news is that nothing can sort between rejection and feedback faster than a mind which is confident and comfortable.

So, if you’re turned down for dates because people think you’re too needy, or that your fashion sense is too much to deal with, use this as valuable feedback and up the ante.

We feel ashamed and inadequate, and wonder whether something is seriously wrong with us. The area rug that is beautiful to your best friend might be hideous to you, and that’s okay.

A recent social research study shows that the same regions of the brain that become active during painful sensory experiences are also activated when we experience social rejection. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but an opinion doesn’t determine whether a rug is truly pretty or ugly. The same principle applies to opinions about everything else, including people’s opinions about you.

Your own fear of rejection could be there to stop you from being as upset as you were the last time love was unrequited or didn’t work out?

Identify what your mind is trying to protect you from and make a conscious decision (spoken aloud if necessary) to seek help for it.

Perhaps you’ll decide instead that you do need to change and will spend time focused on this.Divide the second number by the first, and you’ll see how the result rarely exceeds 1%. If you only drink 1% milk, you feel your diet is healthful because after all, 1% milk fat is almost nothing, correct?I’ve met thousands of people throughout my life, and even though I have received a fair deal of moderate rejection, only a couple of people have rejected me in such a way that seriously challenged my self-identity.And eventually, I endured the ultimate form of rejection: The man who promised to be by my side till “death do us part” changed his mind.One of the most famous statements by renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow is that self-actualizers are “independent of the good opinion of other people.” Even though so many of us have heard Maslow’s or a similar statement, rejection continues to bring up our most negative emotions. How do we join the ranks of Maslow’s self-actualizers? This means you can decide to interpret rejection as evidence of someone’s perception rather than as evidence of your flawed nature.

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As unpleasant as it is, rejection is part of life, and my life is no exception.

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