Rodrigo santoro dating history

Santoro also gave us updates on Collider: Were you aware that Arnold Schwarzenegger has his own tank and have you ever gotten a chance to ride on it?

Rodrigo Santoro: I have no idea…what are you talking about?

So we already had a little intimacy since we met before and we spent some time together and it was fun, it was fun to have that.

I think there are three angles, if we can talk about relationships.

With Frank, he’s really like the father that he never really had. The beautiful thing about it is he never gives up, even though Frank screwed up so many times, he’s that kind of guy. I just came up with that and the director was saying, “Yeah, yeah, go with that,” and Arnold was so open and so generous about everything, he was like, “Yeah, yeah, let’s try that.” So, we found those little things, but it’s a detail. Santoro: Yeah, I’m playing the same role but it’s different. He even says that, like, “I’ve seen you start so many things and never finish them.” But he never gives up and I thought that was beautiful. It will just help to build the relationships and the affection between them. That relationship is like: they dated in high school, she knows him better than anyone, but he always let her down basically and now they have to put their differences aside and work together, which was the fun part. We’re working for something bigger than our relationship. She was very helpful and invested in just talking to try to create that story and the director, too, very interested in what can we build and what kind of details can we bring.We have very few moments where we can show that, but we work at building the backstory and all that.

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