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See the provider's documentation to determine what file-sharing restrictions are supported. The idea is to use a single API that applications can use to interact with many different sources of data.Operation failed to complete and the status is unavailable.The field may be unavailable or the operation was not attempted.

Data value is too large to be represented by the field data type.For example, a misspelled field name or table name can generate this error.This error can also occur when a field or table named in a SELECT statement does not exist in the data store. A misspelled file name was specified, or a file has been moved, renamed, or deleted.Over a network, the drive might be temporarily unavailable or network traffic might be preventing a connection. You might have closed a file and then tried to write to it, or the file might be corrupted.If the file is located on a network drive, transient network conditions might prevent writing to a network drive.

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