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A hill to amend an act catitled an act to locate, survey and tjtablish a Slate road Uwlie riai;;e to Young America.

But Iricii Pry w*5 rc^oricd to to •viur«*il"Tj oele^rutcs hud j ^.^,_^^^ ^j^_ j_ j^_ Armstrong iu tlie chaii. ie ordir for eleven o'clock, when that Lour arrived, On tiiotion of Mr. TGAOoi:i.—J times Kgiin, ni.d Marv Euan, his wiii , of Siblev t Jouaiv. Mied to pay by la.xaliou every dollar of the boads, principal and iulerest. Be wanted the land^ plaeed beyond the control of the Eegishiti •'.•, and tlie proceeds of the same forever hel I inviolato for the dischar;re of the bond debt. Suite would never rctllze anything woi-ih naming, whi U* in thi end thu people would be comp.. ' i The Delano bill was tlicn taken up by | iha ooniniitice. i'cttit moved to amend the bill by ' providing for the payment of the chilms oft t-riiham «L Mc Donald, and EIu, Grinddl ic Keepers iu the general settiemcul. I3at le delajed for over il^-'^yt^o days before doin,' no, ari J «:ro seud ia your iubjcrip- iio:iii lo the i. Jif* Colently advanctd to support a new ilvoa- ju^ Daily, a:id iherefuro tuey com.nan:ed the publicatioji of one, cillsi '* Tke Ilvfii. lie went over to Minneapolis, on a no- tion to sot aside tho jud;4me:it, but goi b^at ho h:id i K;,'! Th'3 law rer^uires him to issue an order for the amjuut of a judgment upou ijlliig a transcript of the judjmeut lit hia o Sce. Tuul thlukd that city had reached a posi- liou iu poiut of popuiuiiou ai d wjalii".

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'",- '■•";r^--;;": QUEER'S WAKE \^^^^^^^^S^S;::^^,^,..,i • ' ■■=• •'"• "», 11 a t s a.' C a 1) s . 'Thus Vhepubilc are sui^ At Shakop-e, bu HDl.h CJ...ii'.^ fin Miut-Uj H of a bridge across the river, ' pjigd by them with just such rena na they or L".. it i-t ai §2,--"*-iy of whieh is to be paid each year, ' vr:.nt, either as to v/ritinrr or price, and f,ct l.'.r;j.: Iiotu!

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