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Sometimes you should plan to go somewhere in advance, get dressed up, and put effort in.Think about what dating was like when your relationship was new! Don’t let date night become another boring routine.There are less physical options too for those who would rather relax and enjoy like leaf viewing or going to the beach. While it’s always fun at dinner time to whip up something good for the family, you can also attend a cooking class on date night to learn something new together.These are taught at a number of places, such as farmers markets, restaurants, community colleges, and grocery stores.No matter how long you have been married, date night is an important part of life that many couples skip.

A little alcohol can help stave off feelings of embarrassment for you or your spouse if you’re not very artistic, letting you both share in the moment and just enjoy the time together.You can even do something as simple as just walking or driving until you find a new restaurant you want to try. If you bring the kids, it’s not a date; it’s a family outing, and those are not the same thing. Kids offer can offer distractions and stress that make it hard to create an intimate connection. If either you or your spouse is creative or artistic, why not attend an art workshop?Are you out of touch when it comes to planning a date? These are often held at libraries, galleries, community centers, or by local artists in a studio.I know it looks bad from the outside, but we have never been physical with each other and I know he’s the kind of guy I would love to be married to.I’ve dated other guys before and after my mission and this guy has the qualities I most admire.

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These little touches can go a long way in keeping the spark alive in your marriage and showing just how much you care.

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