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People sometimes act differently at work than they do in their personal life. Check the company handbook to find out if there are any policies related to interoffice relationships. If you're thinking about pursuing an office romance, consider your rank or position, as well as theirs. No need to send a blast email with "the news" of you and your cube-mate's new relationship.

Tyler and I had been dating for almost four years before we started working together (which, by the way, wasn't planned … But for about 11 months, we sat three cubes apart from one another and kept our relationship under wraps. If you decide it , there are a few "rules" you'll want to follow to ensure things don't go awry: 1. My situation was unique because we were already a couple before we started working together - but generally that isn't the case, and Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and the author of "Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job," suggests you try being friends inside and outside the office before you make any moves.

Our answer to all three: Nope...because we followed "the rules." The truth is, office romances can be tricky and generally not recommended.

" Those are questions we're frequently asked when we tell people the story of our office romance.

Date at Work, but Work at Dating: Office Romance Rules for Dating Co-Workers If you’re like every other workingwoman (or man) who is dedicated and hard working, your commitment to work makes it nearly impossible to meet anyone outside of work. Both men and women are attracted to people who are confident, passionate and focused, with interests and areas of expertise. Think about it-and there isn’t an easier, simpler or more convenient place to meet them than at work.

You’re probably not just a nine to five worker – you’re that successful someone who works extra hours and weekends, and is trying to get ahead to be successful. Date at Work – But Work at Dating Even though it’s often advised against, disabled dating people you work with makes practical sense – after all, we spend so much of our lives in the office, there’s often no other way or time to meet anyone else.

"Add to that two lovers fighting over doing dishes in the next cube and you have one unhappy coworker, who you may catch sauntering to HR." Also, it's entirely unprofessional to complain about your personal relationships at work, whether you're dating a colleague or not. So while it may be tempting, stop yourself before you get yourself into trouble. Don't get caught up in long conversations, two-hour lunches, IMing, or emailing with your partner when you should be working on projects or preparing for meetings. "Since the sensitivities of the workforce are varied and subjective, there's always a risk of offending someone.

"Save it for your family or friends outside work." Talking about the relationship can be distracting or make colleagues feel uncomfortable, so don't do it. "It's hard enough today to concentrate with open office spaces, a plethora of technology devices, frantic deadlines, multiple bosses, and so on," says Taylor. But try your hardest not to let your disagreements with your partner affect the decisions you make or how your treat others at work. It's unfair and unethical to give your significant other's work more attention and to make decisions that ultimately benefit them. "Spend your time as if you are not dating this person," advises Taylor. "Employees are generally encouraged to report incidents of sexual harassment or events that create a hostile work environment," says Taylor.Both disabled dating and working are natural parts of life, and it’s natural to become attracted to people you work with. But be impeccable with your behavior and your work.You’re going to be under more scrutiny in this relationship than you would be if you were disabled dating someone you didn’t work with.The office can present a great opportunity for you to find someone who shares many interests, so I say never leave this prospective dating pool untapped.But remember; you need to handle the good, the bad and even the ugly with dignity.

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Just know the risks." Your decision not only affects you, but other person, both your careers, and those around you.

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