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By the time, Ms Kanwar was old enough to marry in 1998 and the village was preparing to welcome a groom for the first time in six generations, there were reportedly five girls in the village (today, the number has gone up to 13 girls but they are all below the age of 14) that was home to at least 150 Rajput families at the time.

The event was considered to be a landmark in the village's shameful history of female infanticide and some even cautiously hailed the wedding as a sign of changing times and evolving values.

But such a comfortable conclusion is impossible since even the Pakistan Cricket Board lost no time in distancing itself from the comments.

Instead of giving Afridi the benefit of the doubt, a PCB spokesperson confirmed that the board did not share the team captain's views which were his personal opinion.

Seen against this backdrop, there's really no reason to cavil about the BCCI announcing cash rewards for the members and support staff of the triumphant team — although cricketers now make a handsome amount in match and endorsement fees and are no longer dependent on charity matches for old age pension, India's top cricket body cannot be faulted for being generous in congratulating the players.

Needless to add, this largesse is being funded from the public coffers and is driven more by the cynical urge to score cheap political points than promote cricket as a sport.

There is absolutely no reason why this should go unchallenged, not the least because it makes a mockery of the concept of the Government as the custodian of public wealth and resources to be used for the greater good in a republic as opposed to the abhorrent neo-feudalism we are witnessing with Chief Ministers mimicking the zamindar in Satyajit Ray's Jalsaghar.

This meaningless indulgence in crude populism has resulted in a strange situation where State Governments that have shown rectitude are being berated for their 'tight-fistedness' by self-appointed champions of Indian cricket.

Worse, Gujarat, which has an institutionalised system — as it should be — for felicitating achievers in the world of sport by honouring them with the Eklavya Award which comes with Rs 1 lakh in cash and a citation, has been charged with being biased against the two star cricketers who hail from that State because they happen to be Muslim.

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