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First dates are not only scary af because you're putting yourself out there emotionally, but also because meeting a complete stranger you only know online is terrifying.There are things people should do to make people feel safer on dates, but women often have their own rules in place to protect themselves.It was easy since I lived in a small town, outside of larger town.So dates were easier to set up [with] me going to them, and that way they didn’t have a clue as to where I lived." 15. Most of my matches were in a city 50ish minutes away, but I drove home every time, did not accept invitations to stay overnight until we had been out at least five times. Whenever I went to his place, I’d always drive my own car over...Sadly, not every person in the online world is well-intentioned, and this fact can be doubly painful when you’ve just made yourself vulnerable in the search for romance and intimate connection.The good news is that, as it is in real life, these maladjusted individuals are only a small minority of the online population.I also always make sure I have the person on Snapchat and communicate with them through there a bit before meeting, and make sure my friend knows who they are/what they look like." 5. I'd say it's probably a good idea to get a feel for the person before you go home with them, but that's your call to make.I wouldn't accept a drink at their home until I was comfortable with them.

I go one step further and have a safety code system in place if I need to get out of there (both for if I'm uncomfortable, in danger, basically anything that might warrant needing to leave.) I'll text a friend a code word, and they'll call me with an 'emergency' and rescue me."I tell my mum who he is, where he works, where he lives.On the date, it's always in a busy place, and if he drives I'll on the sly get the reg number and send it to my mum. First name, last name, occupation, place of employment, location of residence.So, provided you take some simple steps to protect yourself, meeting an online acquaintance IRL is generally no more dangerous than spending time with a person you met some other way.Notwithstanding the advice given in item #3, it's telling that many people think all but item #3 sound like safety tips for escorts meeting new clients.

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I also will excuse myself to go to the bathroom, and let my mum know he isn't a weirdo and I'm still alive (we are blunt). Sometimes my date and I will decide to go somewhere after the initial meeting spot, and my backup must know where I'm at. Picture if possible."Also, it's hard to estimate this, but I try to give my buddy an eta for when I arrive safely home.

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