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You should be sitting or standing when you take the capsule.turn over ➤ sap1183207_ch13645326_variante_gehealthcare_Se HCAT_PP20231.qxp_Se HCAT Seite 1 Like all medicines, Se HCAT can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.Your doctor will let you know when you can start breast-feeding again.Driving and using machines Ask your doctor if you can drive or use machines after you have been given Se HCAT. How Se HCAT is used There are strict laws on the use, handling and disposal of radiopharmaceutical products.Se HCAT will only be used in special controlled areas.

When in doubt, it is important to consult your nuclear medicine doctor who will supervise the procedure.

Administration of Se HCAT and conduct of the procedure Se HCAT is administered by oral administration.

One capsule is sufficient to conduct the test that your doctor needs.

• It contains an active ingredient called ‘tauroselcholic acid’.

Se HCAT is given before a scan and helps a special camera see inside a part of your body.

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