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It was very enlightening to read about covert schizoid behavior.

She is wonderfully odd and different, wickedly intelligent and so very perceptive/sensitive, but just oddly expressive in the way she communicated things. She originally presented as a classic INTJ (I’m an ENFP, supposedly a very good pairing).

In regards to their sexuality, covert schizoids may not be interested in sex like a traditional schizoid.A leading researcher, Harry Guntrip describes a “secret sexual affair” that married schizoids may be involved with.This is merely an attempt to reduce the quantity of emotional intimacy focused within a single relationship.Covert schizoids may exclude sex as being “too intimate” for a permanent relationship – which may result in covert schizoids having sex with strangers.Another aspect to keep in mind in regards to individuals with covert schizoid personality disorder is that they may restrict all of their relationships to sexual contacts and not share any other emotional or bonding experiences with the partner.

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