Scott and khloe dating

The Lakers basketball player and the reality TV star took us on a rollercoaster ride with their whirlwind romance.

When most people were expecting it to end as one her 2009 hookups, Lamar Odom put a ring on it and just after one month of engagement, they made it official in a wedding ceremony where her sisters Kim and Kourtney were maids of honor.

When Khloe’s name popped up during an interview and the American musical artist said they are just good friends but we all know what lies beyond that statement.

He still remains one of the men she dated, probably in secret since she was just 20 and working as his assistant at the time they met.

No thanks to series of cheating and drug abuse, their marriage took a downward plunge in 2013.

Nevertheless, they kept supporting each other and when Odom’s contact with hard drugs went out of hand and he overdosed, Khloe was right beside him until he recovered.

After all, she is beautiful and very much attracts the opposite sex even though she doesn’t have a sex tape like her sister Kim Kardashian who has been accused on different quarters of using a sex tape to get to fame.

Ever since Khloe’s family embraced the limelight through their reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, millions of fans around the world have always kept track of their flamboyant lifestyle and it never gets old with them, especially the ladies who dominate the family and are never shy to flaunt their love interests for everyone to see.

After the bouts of cheating she has lived through, it seems Khloe is yet to see the end of it all.

Perhaps he didn’t give it a second thought but when the NBA star became romantically entangled with a Kardashian, the publicity that ensued overwhelmed him.

With his pictures splashed everywhere and every detail about him up for public scrutiny, James Harden had to take a bow.

Subsequently, she ended things with French in late 2014 but they have maintained a good relationship as friends.

Khloe and Harden hit it off at Kanye West’s 2015 birthday party.

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She has made it through a failed marriage followed by a messy divorce, not leaving out the exes who left her heart in bits and pieces but it hasn’t been all bad.

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