Security dating id scams

A surprisingly common tactic scammers employ is to put you on the defensive, says Velasquez.

They might say, "There are a lot of scammers out there, and I need you to prove who you are." Honest people want to prove they're honest, says Velasquez, and might very willingly go along with a scammer's request for, say, a copy of your driver's license. An initial love connection should never require you to part with valuable data about yourself.

They are going to tailor their online personas to meet your needs." Velasquez adds that scammers aren't just after your money.

They might also be after your identity credentials or other personally identifying information.

"Limit what you share about yourself online—that includes your dating profile," says Velasquez.

There's no need to share every detail about yourself in a profile, because scammers will often use that information to gain your trust.

Run their profile pictures through a reverse-image search on Tin Eye or Google Images.For example, they might indicate that they have all the same interests and beliefs you do as a way for you to let your guard down around them.But they can also use personally identifiable information, such as your address, your job, where you went to school and more, to unlock more credentials or figure out passwords and other valuable information. Check out the person you're dating by searching for them on Google and social media sites.Be very cautious of agencies that offer to help you obtain "incredible" or "limited time" rates or terms.Fraudsters also target homeowners who are struggling with false claims of short-sales, forceclosure rescue or loan modifications.

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Although, there are some legitimate companies that provide these services, you mortgage lender or other reputable institution is in the best position to help you.

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