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Tall, (women say) good looking, mostly dark hair (500 years of Turkish occupation does that to a Slavic nation :) ).In terms of character - temperamental (compared to western/northern Europe), in for sports - either competing, or watching, or just playing, especially group sports with a ball.That is because all of the women, younger and older, are a hot mess.They exhibit extreme confidence in their composure.

For good jokes and conversation - also a close match between the two. Genuinelly very good to strangers, especially foreigners - most people will go out of their way to help.

Another “exceptional” trait is that you can expect everyone to try to trick you.

People here prefer to screw someone for 50 euros in 45 minute work, than earn 100 euros after a full hours work so that everyone is happy.

Love to drink, but handle alcohol well - compared to most westerners (Irish and Russians are close :) ).

The bad: In terms of character, Serbian society is now at the level of a spoilt puberty child - not ready to take responsibility for what’s happening to them and their choices, blaming others, living and planning from day to day.

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The beautiful Serbian women are attracted to all sorts of men and age groups, however it is a common stereotype(as with anywhere) that the more money you have as a male in Serbia, the chances are higher that you will be attractive to the ladies.

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