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Kathleen Richardson argues that these sex robots facilitate a powerful attitude towards women's bodies as commodities, and promote a non-empathetic interaction.In Barcelona, a sex doll brothel allows men to act out their fantasies where they can choose from a selection of flexible silicone dolls and request that they be dressed in whatever outfit the man prefers.She further argues that only when interacting with another human can we experience our humanity and our identity, as opposed to interacting with a robot.The sex robots that have been created, as of 2018, primarily resemble women with exaggerated characteristics.There are millions of people out there who, for one reason or another, cannot establish good relationships." He estimates that this will take place by the mid-21st century.In 2017, MIT Press published the first book on this topic, Robot Sex, with a preliminary approach to the several challenges this field represent for human beings and societies.By the 1970s, materials such as latex and silicone were widely used in the manufacturing of sex dolls to facilitate enhanced durability and a greater resemblance to a human.

By 1968, sex dolls were first advertised in pornographic magazines and became available for purchase via mail.In September 2015, the Japanese company Soft Bank, the makers of the "Pepper" robot, included a ban on robot sex.The robot's user agreement states: "The policy owner must not perform any sexual act or other indecent behaviour".Furthermore, Harmony can smile, blink and frown in a nearly humanlike fashion.She can hold a conversation with you, tell jokes, remember your food preferences, and the names of your siblings. During an onstage interview with Engadget in 2018, Matt Mc Mullen demonstrated that the skin on Harmony’s face could be peeled off and replaced with different skin.

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