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“We had only one hope, that the border was open, and now it’s closed. I don’t know what to do.”No one else seems to know either.

Few migrants are going back home, and few have the money for a smuggler.

One young guy, Hassan, sat with his friend against the wall, looking glum. He’d been in Greece two months after coming from Iran. “A lot of Greek gay guys have no idea this is going on,” Zak Kostopoulos, a writer and activist, said of the Sami’s scene.

“You’ll never see the same person in both those places — Sami’s and a mainstream place.

In Greece, sex work is legal only in registered brothels. Years of economic hard times have lured more women into prostitution. The male sex trade, on the other hand, is little reported, but it appears to be rising as Greece struggles with its economic and refugee crises.

In past years, many of Athens’ male sex workers were from countries like Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and sometimes members of the Roma community.

It’s a completely different crowd.”According to a number of Athenians interviewed for this story, many of the men who frequent Sami’s and other cruising spots to pay for sex are married or in the closet.

He was living at a disused airport along with thousands of other Afghan migrants. It was then that his friends told him why they came to the park.They explain, he said, that they are being paid and are typically the “top” or dominant partner in the interaction, but that they don’t desire men sexually.Pedion tou Areos has long been a site for secretive activities: cruising and hustling on one side of the central pavilion and drug use on the other.There were sex workers from Iran, Iraqi Kurdistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan, none older than 25 and some who looked like teenagers.The standard price for sex was about 10 euros, but a guide and translator who described himself as an occasional customer at the park, said that if you are willing to negotiate, and wait, you could pay as little as 2 euros.“Some of the boys are ashamed to ask for money,” he added.

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A week after he moved in, some friends took him along with them to the Pedion tou Areos, Athens’ main public park. “They told me, ‘We have sex with these guys, and they pay us.’”In his birth country Iran, he had slept with both young women and men, he said, but never with “old men.”“I got angry,” he said.

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