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I stopped by and to my surprise there was a hot guy in the stall.

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I have noticed some park ranger activity recently, often just pulling over and checking out cars and plates, I believe. All stall doors have been replaced with half-height doors, so it is definitely open. The connecting trail is always busy with walkers, bikers, joggers, dog walkers, families etc. Best times are midday to late afternoon when the park restrooms are open. On Friday near sundown, I got followed into the woods to the right and got to play a little bit with a nice flacid dick but too many tour... This parking area appears to be fairly busy all day. I went walking up the beach towards the fort and found a man stitting all by himself looking for action. I didn't hit the beach until about 6 pm, when most everyone had cleared out.

Wow, almost nine years to the day since the first review yet this place is still a great cruise spot! The reason I prefer this overlook to the others (ie:... This is a dead end road that goes past the county land fill and county garage. Since the city connected all the parks along the river including this one, cruising there is dead. The men's room is hidden away near the escalators and is the perfect place to get it on. The park continues to be interesting for young guys. There has been great action here lately, usually between 4 pm and 6 pm. I've had two to three cocks per visit for the last two weeks. Got a pleasant enough BJ in my car at midnight on a Thursday. I was at Fort Macon beach area the last week in July.

There will be a little store on the right, and the dirt road leading to the parking lot is directly across from the store. I stop by here several days each week now that the weather is good. I go into the woods and strip naked and just hike around t... At the next light take a left, pass the National Guard Armory and take the next left. Right before sunset, to pm there was some activity -- guys sitting in cars, milling about the parking lot... The mall is nearly dead with only the DMV and a beauty college inside. They are on the watch for cruising and are trying to...

I followed the trail to the end then continued on the path to the point where I was under the freeway. A security officer was lurking, and I saw him go three times around the area and enter...

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