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Pass Spinnakers (a closed down restaurant), and a construction trailer and go straight into the park. A large, multi-room bathroom with lots of warning that allow great cruising opportunities in the stalls. Guys that are cruising back into the parking spaces and flash taillights if they're looking. I started playing with my cock and he kept stealing peek...cowhand63 - This is titled incorrectly, which is why you can't find it. Black Hill Park is sometimes incorrectly referred to as Little Seneca Regional P... I found Black Hill and it is a big area with a waterfront but nowhere did I see guys coming or going. Recently while I was sitting in my car alone, a Park Service worker (in a gov... It can be pretty busy with people coming in and out of the bathroom, but it has great potential. It would be hot for action, you can see the urinals from the stalls, plenty of room for discreet action.

Best spot for hooking up is the south end of the main beach in the trees by the Bay Bridge. I have met up with a hot Marine with a nice cock (and his large load). Someone should add directions and then the chances of encounters will be grea... Pulled in the park yesterday around twilight and saw a guy parked there. If no one is in the bathroom, wait a minute or two in the lounge, and you won't be disappointed. The last stall is handicapped so it's pretty big. Near frat row, but most people don't know its h... I have been approached a few times, but always by really old guys unless that appeals to you.

If you hit it off with someone it's best to take it elsewhere.

A few years ago I was parked at the head of the parking area and... It is a 'scenic overlook' sort of rest area that has no facilities of any kind.

The management needs to do some adjusting of the monitors and cash validators. Went into the theatre rooms and found a friendly gent sitting near the back of the room showing gay porn.

On Route 97 turn east (right if northbound, left if southbound) onto Bartholow Rd., then left onto Jim Bowers Rd., followed by an immediate left onto Ben Rose Ln. Another entrance is off Nicodemus Rd to Jim Bowers Rd., then all the way to the end of Bowers.

It is long enough that I would expect you could get some understall action in the far stalls but never seen a sign of anyone looking ...

I have gone in that mens room at various times for several months and never seen any action, or even any sign of action.

Cameras all over the place, with several hidden in the booth area and at least one in the theatre. It might have something to do with no gloryholes, men j...

Before going inside, I met a guy in the parking lot and we went to the side of the building where it was dark.

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