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It needs to be someone that can get on with them like I can. I'd recommend posting in the TSR LGBT soc thread - we've got many regular posters on there, including a few that probably know a thing or two about Manchester.

My housemate's gay in Manchester and has quite a lively love life with fairly regular guys.

Very good looking, funny and got on well with all my friends.Sadly Manchester attracts a lot of camp queens looking for the gay life due to its reputation as one of the best gay scenes in the country.It's a good night out but like any gay scene you aren't going to meet a guy who wants more than drunken fun.Hello All, I am a foreigner that has lived in Manchester for a little while, and I would love it if you can share your experience with the Manchester dating life. Share a story, help a shy guy get out there :)Edit: I would love to know why people are down-voting the post though. Are people used to being approached on the street ?

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LGBT societies tend not to be much better but it's worth a try. If you want to do the scene then you should do student nights to avoid the older crowd, the muscley men and many tanned queens.

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