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Harassment against LGBTQ people is widespread, with transgender individuals experiencing the highest rates of all.By attacking LGBTQ people and heterosexual individuals who fail to conform to prescribed gender norms, harassers reinforce their status and shore up their own sense of self.To reduce sexual harassment and move toward a fairer, more inclusive society for everyone, we offer the following principles for addressing sexual harassment gained from years of working for progress within the law.Sexual harassment often refers to unwanted sexual advances and assaults, usually by powerful male bosses or benefactors against less powerful women.The same is true of many other nonsexual forms of sexism and abuse that women experience simply because they are women.

Women sometimes harass other women, as well as men.

In all these scenarios, the bottom line is that harassment is more about upholding status and identity than it is about expressing sexual desire or sexuality.

In the usual case, harassment provides a way for some men to monopolize prized roles in society, and to maintain a superior masculine position and sense of self.

Women’s absence from some positions or spaces and predominance in others fosters gender stereotypes like “men are leaders” and “women aren’t tough enough to lead”—ideas that make the underlying segregation and inequality seem natural when they are not.

These stereotypes foster harassment, encouraging men to view and treat women as “different” and second class.

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