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Kuyda had spent that time gathering up his old text messages, setting aside the ones that felt too personal, and feeding the rest into a neural network built by developers at her artificial intelligence startup.

However, “savage mode” plays well to what I assume is the brand’s target demographic: perpetually-broke Millennials who are used to taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to their own finances. Cleo’s “savage mode” serves to highlight both the benefits and the drawbacks of a humorous chatbot personality.

This is a question that many marketing and development teams have no doubt asked themselves when creating a conversational interface, such as a chatbot, digital assistant or voice app.

Chatbots seem to lend themselves to being a little more informal, just as the text messages and IMs we send over chat tend to be informal, incorporating slang, emoji and funny GIFs.

The country tentatively embraced the wider world, fostering a new generation of cosmopolitan urbanites.

Meanwhile, Mazurenko had grown from a skinny teen into a strikingly handsome young man.

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Average in height, with a mop of chestnut hair, he is almost always smiling.

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