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Sikhs in New Westminister can be found in the Queensborough area, where they are upwards of 30% of the population, and have lived since 1919.The west side of Abbotsford similarly hosts a large Sikh community, forming over 60% of the population in some parts of the Clearbook and Townline Hill areas.The language was changed late Friday to remove any mention of religion, instead discussing the threat posed by "extremists who support violent means to establish an independent state within India." The 2018 Public Report on the Terrorism Threat to Canada drew the ire of the Sikh community when it was released in December.For the first time, the report listed Sikh extremism as one of the top five extremist threats in Canada.The Greater Toronto Area is home to the second largest community of Sikhs in Canada, after the Vancouver-Abbotsford area of British Columbia.

Most of Edmonton's Sikhs can be found in the Southeast section of the city, particularly The Meadows, and Mill Woods.In Vancouver's suburb of Surrey, Sikhs form a majority in the Newton and Whalley neighbourhoods.Surrey's Sikhs can be found in large numbers across the city, with the exception of South Surrey.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the dedication to helping others at the heart of Sikh faith are also "fundamental to who we are as a country." Trudeau spoke today at one of the largest Sikh temples in the country, Vancouver's Ross Street Gurdwara, and was set to take part in a massive parade to mark the Sikh holy day of Vaisakhi.Attendees at the morning ceremony sat on the floor, many of them in colourful turbans, as speeches by several political leaders were broadcast on two massive screens.

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