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But once these little kids come into daily contact with other preschoolers — kids who also love to talk about their families — they begin to notice that not all families look the same.At this point, you can expect the questions to start.Strike up a conversation about families at the dinner table or while driving in the car.Use children's books, TV shows, or real families you know to spark discussion." That satisfied the older child's curiosity without getting her mired in a discussion of lesbian parenting or intracervical insemination. There's no need to chat about family issues every day or for long periods; take your cues from your child.After telling her daughter Mae about her biological father, author Rachel Sarah sometimes pulled out photos of him or offered to point out where he lives on a map. "She'd already moved on to something else," says Sarah. A young child from a nontraditional family might create a make-believe daddy or mommy.Don't freak out or assume it means he needs therapy.

They'll tend to assume that all families are just like theirs.

If your child asks the same questions over and over, it doesn't mean you did a bad job explaining your family.

Repetition is reassuring to preschoolers, so be receptive to talking about family whenever your child asks.

Whatever your own family is like, don't shy away from these discussions; they'll help your preschooler better understand the world and her place in it.

The messages to focus on are that families come in all shapes and sizes, that your child is loved, and that no one type of family is better than another. If you're single, what do you want your child to know about the other biological parent?

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