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I worked in this company during six years, before closing. I have found work in a social service where I work now. I think, that I have very successfully chosen a trade! It seems to me that self-realization is very important thing as it allows to feel a life really. I very much hope, that my letters have offended nothing you and our dialogue to proceed. I hoped, that today you do not work and can write to me your letter. Tell to me about if you do not wish to continue our dialogue that I did not spend vainly my time. In 1994 during war in the Chechen Republic he was lost. She told that the father was very strong and brave the man. But you at all have not left to me time to write the letter and to answer your questions. v, I hope that you understand what I spoke you about my job. I am glad, that you as well as to me like to communicate with each other. , I shall be glad to any recipe on your discretion and I do not care of how many money will go on products. I can provide myself with all necessary independently, and greater it is not necessary for me. You nice the man and I are glad, that we are familiar with you. I have taken the day off on work, and I shall go to them in country side Suksun to make a surprise. I long could not find anything suitable, and I had to work as the waitress in cafe. I was very glad to this offer and there and then it have accepted. I shall wait for your following letter and I hope, that you also to me will tell your biography. But when has come to library has not seen anything on my mail. I very much would wish to learn you in the further. It was very interesting to me to learn about where you studied and worked. My father has devoted all life to service to the native land. , me it was very ridiculous, but I could not be late. , to me it is very pleasant, that you have written such big letter. Many people are not able to appreciate the help which him appears. With similar situations, I should collide very often! But then I have learned to concern to it little bit easier. Maybe, I am a little old-fashioned, but I know that I have heart! To me it is pleasant, that you are not one of such men. , thanks that has more told about your country and about you. " This flower possesses, bright aroma and allows to leave air in a room pure and fresh. Today I have come to library and have not seen your letter. In this clause it has been described, what the American women think about marriage and creation of family. When I started to work, I had difficult situations, in which did not know how to act. , I am assured, if once you can meet Natalya, Vera, Svetlana. First in our relations all was good, we understood and about respect concerned to each other. But I am glad, that you understand that I write to you. , do not take offence on Natalya, it only experiences for me. I have understood, that it is necessary to divide chicken breast. But I have returned in Kungur because I do not wish to leave your letter without the answer. Then to me all spoke, that I am similar to the little girl. We need to learn more each other and then we shall see to what it goes.))))), thanks for your pictures. My mum had to leave parents and work to be together with my father. My mother told me that it is very hard to be an officer' s wife. I send you my pictures, where I with different color of hair. I hope, you will answer my questions, it is important for me. I believe that Smirnov' s family is now all is well. I have learned to see many negative things on the other hand. I have been surprised by similarities in searches of the American men and Russian women. Now she is 37 years old, she married also has two children, the boy and the girl. I hope, that it was interesting to you to learn about my friends. I shall be glad if you will tell to me about your friends. But I understand it and I do not think at all to take offence., with each our letter to each other we all become closer. I am very glad to learn more about you and your life! , I am very glad that you are surrounded with such people. We have started to meet him, when I was 19 years old. But you instead of it have started to correct my letter. Simply I very much hurry up, and I print badly and consequently so it turns out. I have explained Natalya, that it is not necessary to experience for me, you very good person, besides we at present simply learn, about each other. , my mum asked that I spent the night in her house. I send you pictures of how I looked in one of winters. But I think, that to us while early to speak about it. And after 6 months their dating, he was sent to serve in Suksun. I understand that my work is very important for people. , you have helped to forget to me about the last relations. I never tested such care and man' s attention to me. , I am assured, that any woman with you would be happy. My girlfriend earlier often came to me for work when it had a break on its work or the free time is simple. I have learned to see many negative things on the other hand.

For me it is very important, that the man had only serious relations! , I do not wish to spend my life for the person who in any opportunity can exchange me for other woman. But you at all have not left to me time to write to you the good letter. Later week, I have gone home and have talked about this situation to mum. She has told, that there was no love and friendship. I as very much like to prepare, and we is frequent with it we exchange experience. I have told, that you the sociable, kind and sympathetic person. That I like to speak with you and to learn you more. , I do not pay attention to people which ask from me naked pictures.

If you pay, another fee will quickly come up, and it will continue that way until you give up or run out of money.

You will never meet the girl, because the story was all lies.

I' m single never been married, no children and I' m not in relationship now. Because in Kungur, I had more chances to find work. Having arrived in Kungur, I was arranged to live in a hostel, after I went on labour exchange and have left there my resume. In four months to me have offered work in Housing and communal services, on a post " the worker with the public ". , I hope, that my today' s letter has allowed you to imagine I wash a life is little bit better. All trees find various paints, reminding us about the last summer and covering the ground the foliage. Today I very much hoped, that I shall read your letter. , I am very glad that we communicate and we find much in common. My father' s name is Valentina, and my mother' s name is Alexander. Probably passers-by have thought that I the madwoman. Certainly my work, as well as any another has complexities. Because he has very much poor health, and he can die. To me it was very insulting, because I care of him, and he does not respect with it. People have replaced light feelings with false values. , I am very grateful to my mum, that she has given me good education! It only experiences for me and wishes me is kind, that I was happy.

I live in Kungur, that' s in Western Urals, Russia. I think, that we should write each other more to learn each other better. I was born and have grown in the city of country side Suksun. Having consulted to mum, I have made a decision to act in Kungur, " The Perm state pedagogical university" , Kungur branch. After that I have made a decision to come back back in Kungur. I send you pictures with ours with the girlfriend of walk on autumn park. It is bad, that happens it' s wet and is frequent it is raining, but what beauty appears around! I was born and have grown in family of the military officer and the dressmaker. In the morning all people in a dozing condition go for work, and I on heels run by them. , I very much love my work because I have an opportunity to benefit people. I have explained, that our company does not render such services and that he cannot drink vodka! Sometimes I think, that many people have forgot to love. I am glad, that you with understanding have concerned to experiences of my friend Natalia and do not hold on it a harm. , I shall finish my letter, I need to go on the bus to go in country side Suksun.

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Mine mum saw his experiences as my father suffered from inactivity. I hope, that it was interesting to you to learn about my family.

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