Skype sexy 2013 chat updating roaming info on cell phone

Wondering :^) If you’re thinking about something hard, then check out the wondering emote.It lets people know that you’re weighing up all the options!The smiley version on Skype is even more crazy than that! Whew (whew) If you’re happy something is over (like a load of exams), then why not use the ‘whew’ emote. Happy (happy) This is almost the same as the normal smile emotion, but it shows a little but more feeling. Smirking (smirk) Have a giggle with a friend with the smirk! It can even break their screen if thrown correctly! Shaking Hands (handshake) If you need to show that you’re completely in agreement, then only a gentleman’s handshake will do!Emo (emo) We all know at least one emo-kid, who demands attention by shunning the world and watching re-runs of Twilight on loop – now it’s time to show them that you’re onto them with the emo emo! Skype (skype) (ss) The company who has brought so many people together and so many conversations to fruition – Skype’s logo!Evil grin ]:):)(grin) Sometimes you have a plan to take over the world, and only a big evil smile will do! Talking (talk) Want to let someone know that you’re busy talking to someone else? Worried : S:-S:=S:s:-s:=s The classic worried smiley is one which nearly every chat client has all over the world.If you are troubled or anxious then this emotion is the perfect one to put into your chats! (mm) If you’re content like a cat who is lying on a rug in front of a fire, then why not do this face and let your chat buddy know?Blush (blush) :$ :-$ :=$ :” Did someone just tell you something that made your face go red and blush?Check out this cool icon you can send to them to let them know you felt their comment in the heart!

There are also a large number of hidden emoticons for Skype, as well as some secret emotes that they don’t tell you about in the software.Sleepy |-) I-) I=) (snooze) Everyone feels tired from time to time, and so if it’s late at night and you need to tell your girlfriend or boyfriend that it’s time to stop your Skype chat and go to bed, then send them this icon. (doh) Homer Simpson’s most famous phrase is now a smiley online!Dull |( |-( |=( If someone is really boring you then send them the dull emote and let them know! Puke (puke) :& :-& :=& Some skype emoticons are really adult and naughty – including this one of someone vomiting on the screen! Use the DOH emotion to signify a really, really, really stupid person!Kiss :* :=* :-* A kiss smiley can finally let someone who you’re chatting with that you love them!It can also thank a person on your buddy list if they have done something for you in the past.

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Want someone to know that they’re always on your mind? Rain (rain) (london) (st) I’m not sure why this emoticon can be shown by typing ‘london’, but still – it’s rainy in your chat box when you use this weather symbol!

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