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But does one need a dating app when they are already in a committed relationship?Many people have dating apps installed on their phones nowadays. When you find a partner and has been in a happy relationship ever since there is apparently no need to keep the profile on Tinder active and exchange flirty texts with users. They open dating applications and pretend they swipe just out of boredom. When you see someone attractive at work or any public place, you may glance at this person for a moment.Flirt has a purpose: to restore balance to our view of ourselves.When you flirt, you make another person believe they are likable and interesting.

Although, in some cases flirting is the first step towards building a relationship with someone. Flirting is a different thing when you already have a partner.The research of the American Association of Marriage showed that 45% of men have emotional affairs.As for the women, 35% of them admitted they have a platonic relationship with someone else. Instead, they watch television together when they come home and then go to bed.Is any form of flirt means cheating for each of you?And what social behavior seems inappropriate for you?

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Don’t take the flirty texts seriously, unless you are sure the person is really into you. If you cross the line with flirt, it may be considered as infidelity. If you flirt with no intention to be attracted to the person, that can’t be considered cheating. Complimenting other’s people appearance and being a little touchy with a friend, isn’t a type of flirt that can really upset your beloved one.

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