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I’ve always felt safe with a woman.”So far on the show, Somaya has been on a date with a woman and in previews, she is kissing another female cast member, model Jessica White, in a hot tub.Out bisexual singer Aubrey O’Day is also on the show, and the series’ relationship counselor is an out lesbian: Dr. While the uber-feminine Somaya was single at the time of shooting the reality series on E!This caused drama between herself and Ray J's current wife Princess Love, as they all appeared together on .Teairra Marí is an American singer-songwriter, actress, model, and dancer.It’s an exploitation of our community, which is why there’s certain misconceptions and perceptions of LGBTQ and it’s false.I hope to be one of the voices as well with my girlfriend, where we can break that because in reality shows, it just seems to have become a joke or a gimmick.The women Ray J dated include singers, models, and reality TV personalities. It features the complete Ray J dating history, as well as the women’s ages, birthplaces, and what they do professionally. They went on to have a daughter together named Melody Love Norwood (born in 2018).The late Whitney Houston is one of the more famous of the Ray J girlfriends. Princess Love initially became a Ray J girlfriend after the two met on reality series , along with the current Ray J wife. Princess Pilipina Love Norwood (born August 14, 1984), also known as Princess Love, is a model and a fashion designer.

I flirted with her for many years and nothing ever happened but one tequila-infused night at a strip club of all places, I kissed her.

’ So when the producers were like “No, we want to make this more of a lighthearted version of that and more about discussing the single life.” I was single at the time and it made sense. I choose better individuals to date now because I had one terrible experience and I said I’m not going to date a bad person or a bad boy ever again…I decided to be single for as long as I could. People think and it all stems from our childhood what we learn in school and our parents.

I could also discuss some of my childhood traumas and things that I have been speaking very vocal about for many years as my help for society and other men and women who suffer domestic abuse and other things I discuss on the show. You have to get married and something’s wrong with you if you’re not and you have to have kids by the time you’re 30.

Somaya Reece: All the therapy shows I’ve seen on TV are just too heavy and I didn’t know if I was ready to deal with my own demons and my own things and what I go through.

So I asked, ‘is this going to be one of those things where I’m going to have to get ax and beat the hell out of my car and say it’s my Dad’s fault?

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I don’t think I’ve ever really had a type but I’ve never dated a real butch girl, ever.

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