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But don’t overdo the smiling by making it obvious that you’ve got a thing for him.You’re trying to seduce him, not let him know you like him!So all the other perverts can just look away for all we care.[For men: How to stare at a girl’s cleavage] If you want to seduce a man, never bare everything or wear skimpy clothes. Instead, wear something that gives you an opportunity to give him a little peek now and then.

Just watching a man feel flustered and awkward because of the sexual tension you’ve created is a rush that few things can give a girl.

#4 Smile for him Men are automatically drawn towards women who seem happier and more fun to be with.

A smiling, flirty woman is far more approachable than a surly, saggy woman.

A few of these tips may be sneaky and scheming, but hey, we’re not playing dirty. Find out how to seduce a man who’s not your own man, and make him sweat with desire.

But what next, do you want him to fall in love with you or are you happy with him trailing you like a lost pup?

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