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For example, more than 15 per cent of people in some areas of northern Europe carry CCR5-Delta32, compared with fewer than 4 per cent of Greeks (see map).

It is not clear why this is so, since the HIV pandemic - which began in the early 1980s - is too recent to have influenced the distribution of the variant.

So how did the Romans lower resistance across Europe?

When Faure and colleague Manuela Royer-Carenzi investigated possible links between Roman colonisation and the frequency of the CCR5-Delta32 variant in nearly 19,000 DNA samples from across Europe, they found that the gene variant seemed to dwindle in regions conquered by the Romans (Infection, Genetics and Evolution, DOI: 10.1016/j.meegid.20).It could explain why a gene that confers resistance to HIV varies in frequency across the continent.The gene in question codes for a protein receptor called CCR5.Guerini " by Gould = French naturalist Flix douard Gurin-Mneville (1799–1874), born Gurin. Probably I assumed that as Terre Adlie was named for Adle Dumont d'Urville it should more properly be spelled Adlie in English. As Bjrn wrote I am as well a little bit concerned about the book as there are in fact a couple of errors in this book. Sometimes I have the impression that the original source wasn't checked. Nevertheless many things seems to be right and it is easy to pick up certain faulty examples and do not talk about the rest. Also commemorated in the subspecie/"group" Picus canus guerini MALHERBE 1849. = today Pharaoh Eagle-Owl Bubo (bubo) ascalaphus SAVIGNY 1809 = the French naturalist, collector ad explorer Jules-Cesr Savigny (1777–1851), whose full name was Marie Jules-Cesr Lelorgne de Savigny (Family name sometimes written Le Lorgne de Savigny or Lelorgue de Savigny), "membre de l’Institut d’gypte" that participated in Emperor Napoleon I's exploring of Egypt – who himself described and named the specie (as "Bubo Ascalaphus" page 110), in Des Oiseaux de l’gypte et de la Syrie. In any case, I have to admit, that the mere idea of such a forthcoming book makes me lose some steam in my own Etymological Project.

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Alternative theories include the idea that the protective variant originated in Scandinavia, and was spread north and east by the Vikings.

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