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Linden and Kawauchi, hop aboard the Ark.”) Today, she’s only a couple weeks removed from the exhausting post-marathon blitz of media interviews, race appearances, podcast recordings, and surreal events, including a stroll down the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards, where she presented Taylor Swift the award for top female artist.

With 16 weeks until her next race, the New York City Marathon, she has time to take it easy.

She wasn’t training like a pro—she was training like the college kid she was, working less in the offseason than some teammates, studying more.

She was All-American in cross-country and on the track, but never close to winning an NCAA title.

Then at the halfway point, Linden moved to block the wind for Molly Huddle.

By mile 18, with the Newton hills still to come, Linden gapped Huddle without even trying.

“So I liked her.” At Arizona State, Linden took the student part of student-athlete seriously.It was also the first by an American woman at Boston in 33 years, coming during a Biblical rain that left the sport’s biggest names struggling with hypothermia and the second-place competitor more than four minutes behind.(God: “Bring two of everything.” Noah: “I’ll need a women’s champion and a men’s champion.Teammate Amy Cragg remembers “glimmers of really special things” from Linden at workouts, and Drenth recalls telling her, “You know, if you take this seriously, you can be pretty good at it.” The talent was there, but she was still dipping her toe in the water.“I felt like I was pretty good for not being a full-time runner,” Linden says.

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