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The fourth type of women to be found in the city of Kuala Lumpur are the Saudis.These women are extremely conservative, you will spot them in their traditional black coloured Burquas.These are considered to be the original natives of the land.

These women are undoubtedly beautiful, with fair skin and light eyes.

These women speak good English and are open-minded, they have no qualms in drinking, staying out late, meeting tourists and hooking up with them.

The second type of women being the Malaysian Indians, most of these women have typical features of Indian women such as dusky skin, big bright eyes, long brunette hair. However, they do not come from really liberal families and dating them can be quite troublesome.

The third type of women being the Malays, the women are natives of the moderately Islamic land of Kuala Lumpur, they can be spotted wearing their colourful garbs over the conservative clothing.

They are not as conservative as you would expect them to be, they are friendly, and do not mind hanging out with tourists and hooking up with them as long as it is away from the prying eyes of the general public and gossipmongers.

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They have typical Asian features such as smaller eyes, petite figures, naturally occurring dark eyes and brunette hair.

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