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via GIPHY So…where do your people standards fall right now? Your standards will vanish into the air like an eagle flying through the night!

And if a guy starts out seeming great, don’t necessarily assume that’s the whole story. It can be tough, and it can hurt both of you, but it’s better to end the relationship now before you lower your relationship standards any further.

That’s really important for finding a long-term and loving relationship. I’m here to absolutely “rock your love world.” Read More…

The bravest thing you’ll have to do is end it with a man who isn’t meeting either your people standards or your relationship standards.

Your partner doesn’t really “get” you, causing you to hide certain parts of yourself.

If you can’t be yourself, what’s the point of being in the relationship?

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You’re a well-adjusted, healthy individual who doesn’t play relationship games, but can your boyfriend tick these important boxes?

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