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They say yes, yes, yes to every woman.”Stories from other app users bear out the idea of apps as diversions rather than matchmakers.“Getting right-swiped is a good ego boost even if I have no intention of meeting someone,” one man told me.Coauthor Kirstin Mitchell added in a statement that a greater focus needs to be place on “open sexual communication,” noting the strong association between emotional intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

Sex is portrayed, often graphically and sometimes gorgeously, on prime-time cable.

Sexting is, statistically speaking, apps be so inefficient at their ostensible purpose—hooking people up—and still be so popular?

For one thing, lots of people appear to be using them as a diversion, with limited expectations of meeting up in person.

Apparently, it’s not an issue related to menopause, according to researchers from the University of Southampton and University College London.

Instead, poor physical and mental health, a breakdown in communication, and an absence of emotional closeness are largely to blame.

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