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Rowling Q: How did you get the idea for Harry Potter?

keeping everything to himself Task 2: Problem of Meeting People 1.

Laura: I know hes fur years younger than you, but hes mature for his age. Jane: Laura, I know you like Charles a lot, but what do you like about him? Dating Description Causal dating Early teens Steady dating Late teens Many partners e.g.

Q: Did you always plan to write Harrys story in more than one book? A: I always conceived it as a seven-book series because I decided that it would take seven years, from age eleven to seventeen, inclusive, to train as a wizard, and each of the books would deal with one year of Harrys life at the school. A: I dont want to i\give anything away, but I tell you that the books are getting darker. John: Well, its always difficult to choose between career and family. John: I dont know what to say to comfort you, but try to cheer up! I want to settle down, but she wants a career while shes still young. At that point it was essentially the idea for a body who didnt know he was a wizard. A: I was traveling on a train between Manchester and London and the idea for Harry just fell into my head.

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The boy gives his hero a bottle of Coke, and in exchange for the drink, the football player throws to the boy, who excitedly catches the souvenir. This road sign means that people are strictly prohibited from parking there.

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