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“That’s why it’s good to see that decline in dating violence over a 10-year span.

It suggests that healthy relationship programs are making an impact among youth.” Like studies? Elizabeth Saewyc, senior study author and a UBC nursing professor, thinks the results tell us that teens in dating relationships need more support programs.

You pull the phone into a closet exactly an hour later and jump when it rings. You repeatedly establish that you both are “fine” and doing “nothing.” He asks you to go to a movie Friday night. Just you with your photo collages in the background. Text them to your friends and wear the one they pick.

The clicking of the keyboard, whoosh of a sent text and new text notification are the only sounds. You get a spray tan, then stop at Chipotle and Starbucks. 1980: He calls during dinner and your dad tells your maybe, hopefully new boyfriend to call back in an hour. You agree but don’t make plans because plans are lame. You drive away to the sounds of Blondie 2016: Take pics of four outfits. On a trip to the bathroom, you text the few that aren’t.

Participants were 35,900 students in grades 7 through 12 who were in dating relationships.

This is the first North American study to compare statistics for boys and girls and the first Canadian study to consider teen dating violence over the course of a decade.

Shaffer believes the overall decline in dating violence is positive.

The internet, cell phones and social media have become key actors in the lives of many American couples. All intel about crush is relayed via group text message. Methodically flip to every black-and-white photo of him. 2016: At lunch, your friend texts hottie’s contact info to you. You can’t wait to take a pic of him and add it to his contact profile so his gorgeous face pops up every time he calls. You have no way of knowing whether or not he called unless everyone stays off the phone and you never leave the house. 2016: At home, hottie texts you before his baseball practice and arranges to Face Time later that night. You smooth down your culottes, adjust your poncho and apply more Cherry Lip Smacker. Your mom embarrasses you by enthusiastically waving from the doorway. 1980: You have no idea whether 2016: Your friends are with you on the date. You can’t wait to go home and track how many favorites the picture gets over the next 24 hours. Teen dating may have changed over the last few decades but having your friends as wingmen has, apparently, survived the times. Dream about where he lives and what his interests are. Use your thumb to make a black smudge on the thin paper in the exact spot where his info is. 2016: Compare search results at your house after school. Imagine sitting in the bleachers cheering him on as he lowers his tinted aviator sunglasses to wink at you. Hope he doesn’t think you are going to 1,000 different dusty fields to watch him. 1980: Pull rotary phone over to couch, find smudged page in phone book and slowly dial. She asks him if he “w2ho” (wants to hang out) with you. Scribble your phone number on spiral paper, fold into a small triangle and give to your friend to pass to his friend to pass to him. You are apoplectic, picturing your hunk getting a busy signal and giving up. You leave the house promising to text your mom and let her know the plan.We feel that the regular posting of well-informed commentary by our readers will only enhance the quality of our blog. The comments section is not intended to be a forum for specific parenting advice or to promote a product.Please use the "Contact Us" form for any information requests. Those of us who work with children and families see firsthand the incredible toll that traumatic events such as gunshot wounds take, emotionally, physically, cognitively, and behaviorally.

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