Teen dating sex advice advantages and disadvantages of dating older men

I am not a parent yet, but I think about having my own kids and raising them to be safe.

I remember being 16 and fantasizing about how cool it would be to sleep with a teacher and an older adult, and I had even been warned before about how wrong that is but wanted to do it anyway.

I believe that an adult is always first and foremost responsible for taking advantage of a teenager and child, but what should you do if your child pursues an older relationship? I believe you should educate them on the dangers, but I'm not sure if that alone is enough.

What would be the best way to handle this situation as a parent?

This may be an awkward conversation, but it is important nevertheless.

Clearly state that having a relationship with your child is not okay, and ask that they respect your wishes.

You need to clearly state what your rules are and why.

This is called Safety Planning, and starting these discussions from a young age is important.They’re older children who still need to be allowed to grow into adults so they’re able to birthday, nor will they automatically understand all the ins and outs of adulthood.However, that does mean once they reach that age they’re able to make decisions – good and bad – on their own behalf.What they’re doing is putting your child at-risk and also putting themselves at-risk, and they continued to pursue a relationship with your child before they reached the age of consent, it would be considered child sexual abuse.You can end the conversation by firmly letting them know that if they do solicit your child in any way or engage in a sexual relationship with them, you contact the police.

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It sounds like when you decide to have children you will be a great parent, as you’re already thinking about some very sensitive issues and how to handle them.

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