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We supply the men with a kit so they can do the process themselves or they can hire an attorney to assist them.

I was lucky enough to meet my wife, Tanya, about 17 years ago and we went through the 90-day fiance visa process and were ultimately married on day 89!

That can be a real eye opener for one or both of the couple, it isn't always what was expected.

A lot has to do with how honest each person was about what their life style really was like and what they really expected out of the relationship.

Obviously quite a few of these relationships develop to the point where the couples wish to marry.

The most common way to accomplish that is to apply for a K-1 visa, or as it is commonly called, a Fiance visa.

More importantly, he and his Russian wife Tanya, went through the process some 15 years ago, which makes Mr.

Adams one of the leading experts as to what can and does happen during that all-important 90 days: 1WV: Thank you for joining us for this interview.

We provide full service introductions including communication via the website and actual tours where we take men to the various countries to meet the women.Not an easy process for the couple, so I can see why TLC started the show.Actually the production company working on the show has reached out to us for couples who may be interested in appearing on the show and we have sent them several candidates, although I am not sure if they have used any of our couples to date.These are the situations where normally one, or even both, couples are still not 100 percent sure and are using the 90-day fiance period as a sort of test drive to see what life is really going to be like.That is where the problems - and the drama come in.

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An Interview with International Relationship Expert John Adams By Joseph Foster, 1st World View Just when you thought there was no more new reality to be uncovered along comes 90-Day Fiance, TLC's new series designed to showcase the drama that takes place during the 90 days that international couples have to either marry or have the fiance go back to his or her country.

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