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[Read: 8 fun, flirty games for your naughty house party] #1 The humble kiss.There’s no better way to get the proceedings off to a good start by choosing giver and recipient at random.Extra suggestion While it is traditional to spin the bottle to choose the ‘instigators’ and the ‘recipients,’ for the purposes of our list we’d suggest you write everyone’s names on two separate pieces of paper.Then put the names of everyone into one bag, the names of just the women in another bag, and the names of just the men in a third bag.Which part of their body you dry hump is up to you two to work out. And the more of you that end up this way, the dirtier things will get. In this naughty dare, you have to masturbate in front of the group in full view for five minutes. In this VERY naughty dare, you are required to go around the group giving every single one of them oral sex for thirty seconds each. In this dare, you are required to insert a vibrator and leave it there until your next turn.[Read: The art of dry humping and the virgin’s guide to orgasms] #9 Body work. Dirty: full throttle ahead Pushing ahead into dirty dares! The first of the truly naughty dares, and assuming that everyone’s pretty turned on at this point, your task is to taste another member of the group’s sexual fluids from their fingers. No money shot, however, at risk of a penalty which the group is to decide. Following on from the last dare, this offering is exactly the same except that you have to masturbate another member of the group instead. There are male-oriented alternatives for the guys, like vibrating cock rings that can replace the vibrator—unless they are that way inclined, of course.

You might want to insist all the guys are well shaven beforehand if this one is getting used, and please do use the right food. How you do it and how far you go is entirely up to the recipient, as in whether they have to prove your efforts have worked or not! Fairly self-explanatory this naughty option, where you have to dry hump someone else for a specified period of time.Just be sure you’re ready to step up to the mark and spill your secrets too! Plus it takes a lot for someone to reveal their innermost fears – him answering shows he trusts you.2. Reason – This one will tell you whether he’s ambitious, realistic or perhaps even a dreamer. Reason – A classic question but it’s classic for a reason. Reason – You might see him as the macho man who likes cars and DIY but when it comes to romance he’s likely to have a soft side. If you want to book a surprise meal or cook for him one night, it always helps to know what he loves. Plus, whether he answers shyly or full of bluster can tell you a lot about what he thinks of himself.10. Reason – This is important simply because it’s important. If you were invisible for a day, what would you do with your superpower? It’s great to hear him confess to things he may not have otherwise.6. Reason – This one will have you both in stitches and it’s a great way for you to relax around one another and show you feel comfortable together.7. Reason – Wouldn’t it be nice to see him soaking wet, clothes clinging to him Mr. Stand outside my window playing our song on a boom-box. This one’s even better if the World Cup is just starting! Prank call your grandparents and pretend you want to order a pizza.Here’s the 40 ultimate Truth or Dare question’s to ask your boyfriend and the reasons they’re great… It’s important to know what he wants out of life and if you can go there together. It will tell you more about what he likes, whether it’s an action, a sci-fi or a rom-com. This will allow you to see the other side of him.5. Reason – Of course we had to throw this one in there. If you want to be with him, you need to know what makes him tick and why. Reason – This one will divide the cheeky chaps and the bad boys from the ones with hearts of gold and the shy ones. Reason – It was an unforgettable moment in the movie ‘Say Anything’ that made our hearts melt. Reason – Role playing shows how far he’s willing to go and lets you see another side of him.That way, when you choose someone to enact a dare, you can choose the appropriate gender.Well, unless your swinging proclivities go to same sex relations, of course!

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