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Brandon Hiltibidal is a former church planter and multi-site pastor, and he is now part of the Groups Ministry team at Life Way Christian Resources. The novel featured the events before, during, and after the St.If every Wednesday evening is stale, don’t just keep showing up because “that’s what good group members do.” Good groups members help one another grow in holiness. The Group is Inwardly Focused This group likes to hang out but never seems to impact the community around them.Some churches actually reshuffle their groups every year to avoid the stagnation that results from processing the same things with the same people every week. Being inwardly focused doesn’t necessarily mean your group doesn’t love people.

It may not mean you don’t share the heart of Jesus. If a third of the group is burdened for young mothers, a third of the group is burdened for prisoners, and the other third is burdened for executives struggling with broken families, it might be a challenge to consistently serve together.Sometimes some relationships lack the right fit for solid discipleship.We are called to love everyone in the church, but we can’t dig deep with everyone we meet.Living in community is too crucial to force it when it isn’t working.If your group is stale, inwardly focused, or awkward, share one last pint of Graeter’s, break up, and move on to a group in which you can grow.

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